Q: Does the manufacturing process harm the deer?
A: No - the deer antlers are humanely harvested and the deer go back to romping in the field shortly after the process is complete. To ensure the humane treatment of deer, veterinarians have been appointed to supervise the velveting, with support from the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. Under an agreed Code of Practice our farmers undergo a training program where they are assessed as being competent to velvet their own stags under the supervision of a vet. Veterinarians are legally responsible for the use of prescription drugs to provide adequate analgesia and may only prescribe them to deer farmers who have passed the necessary certification.

Q: Why is VDA Pure better than other brands?
A: The way the antlers are processed breaks down the constituents into a highly absorbable form. This
is a proprietary process that our competitors do not use. Therefore, the antler is utilized better by the body
and becomes more effective for a given dose. Our PATENTED bio-active processing “NZ bio•active” allows optimal absorption.

Q: What is in Velvet Deer Antler that offers the health benefits?
A: There are hundreds of active ingredients contained in Deer Velvet that include a variety of Growth Hormones, Growth Factors, Proteins, Lipids, Minerals, Trace Elements and Glycosaminoglycans. 

Q: Can less growth hormone in my body make me look and feel old?
A: Yes. The decline of growth hormone with age is directly associated with certain aging signs like wrinkling of the skin, graying of the hair, decreased energy and sexual function, increased body fat, heart disease, weak and brittle bones, and much more. The good news is that both growth hormone and IGF-1 can reverse these physical signs and restore energy levels, bone strength, hair color, more youthful appearing skin, and for most people reading this report, an increased, youthful muscle mass simultaneously significantly reducing body fat.

Q: Is there scientific proof about the benefits of Velvet Deer Antler?
A: While velvet antler has been extensively researched and used clinically in Russia since the 1930s, recent interest in this ancient remedy has been aroused by the results of a unique scientific testing program carried out in New Zealand. These results are capturing the attention of scientists in the West, and exciting clinical researchers with the potential applications of velvet antler in the area of mainstream medicine.
To date, these ground-breaking tests have shown deer velvet antler to:
• Contain marked anabolic or growth stimulating properties.
• Stimulate the immune system, the body’s main line of defense against infection and disease.
• Contain anti-inflammatory agents, which may assist in reducing the pain and inflammation of a variety of    degenerative diseases.
• Increase muscular strength and endurance.

Q: Can the deer velvet help women who are not menopausal?
A: Although research studies with deer antler in relation to sexual function are quite limited but it has been found that younger women taking the velvet have had diminished symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. They also experienced increased sexual interest and more energy.

Q: Can the deer velvet help with sexual issues for males?
A: Once again, research studies with deer antler in relation to sexual function are quite limited but a Russian study with pantocrin, an extract from deer antler velvet, showed the extract to stimulate sexual behavior in rodents more than ginseng. There has been a plethora of anecdotal evidence and reports spanning back many years that supports the successful treatment of sexual issues for men. For more than a thousand years, it has been used in China and Korea to treat problems with erection. They believed then that the velvet antler from a male deer can strengthen a person's overall body functions.
Q: Why is velvet antler so good for joint repair and osteoarthritis?
A: The deer velvet his high in glucosamine and chondroitin which helps to protect cartilage and acts as an
anti-inflammatory. But, the velvet also has hyaluronic acid with is a component of the synovial fluid that
lubricates the joints. It also contains collagen, a structural protein and the glycosphingolipids essential proteins.



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