Why VDA Pure?

Order OnlineWhy is VDA Pure better than other brands? The reason VDA Pure is superior to other brands is because VDA Pure uses a patented fermentation process that breaks down protein molecules so the product is absorbed at a higher rate. The patented Bio Active Processing (USA Patented 6482443) AKA “NZ bio•active” converts high molecular weight proteins into low molecular weight proteins and polypeptides so the velvet is greatly improved for the uptake rate in the body. This patented process yields what is termed NZ bio•active Deer Velvet.

VDA Pure has been tested against other brands where their active ingredient levels were between 18-23% and VDA Pure tested at 72-75% because of this process. Because other manufacturers do not go through this process consumers will not get the same benefits when ingested.

VDA Pure is harvested from animals whose feed contains no GMO’s or hormones.

New Zealand is a BSE and Chronic Wasting Disease FREE country and these rules are strictly enforced.

Our New Zealand farmers harvest the deer velvet humanely under strict animal welfare and hygiene standards. A veterinarian is present at the time of all extractions.

The Velveting Code of Practice

Whenever the subject of deer velvet arises there is often concern raised about the treatment of the deer. The ideaofbreeding stags for their antlers is a new and uncertain subject, at least in the Western world. In Asian countries such asChina, velvet antler has beenharvested for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and deer farming is regarded as a traditional way of life. In New Zealand the highest standards have been set for the welfare of the animals, not just on the velveting issue, but on their overall care and management.

To ensure the humane treatment of deer, veterinarians have been appointed to supervise the velveting, with support from the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee. Under an agreed Code of Practice farmers undergo a training program where they are assessed as being competent to velvet their own stags under the supervision of a vet. Veterinarians are legally responsible for the use of prescription drugs to provide adequate analgesia and may only prescribe them to deer farmers who have passed the necessary certification.

The velveting itself is a quick procedure and the stags are immediately released to graze, in fact it is one of the few human interventions in their otherwise comfortable life. In the wild a mature stag has a very short life expectancy, living with the ever-present threat of the hunter in all but the most remote regions, and driven by a constant search for food. On the farm deer are valuable animals and are treated with care, kept healthy and well fed through even the lean winter months. Quite apart from the value of the harvested velvet, from the earliest days of deer farming it was the practice of farmers to remove the stags’ growing antlers because as dangerous as they are in the wild, even the young spikes are a lethal weapon in a herd of young stags. The timing of velvet harvesting is crucial to the high quality of the velvet and most top grade velvet is harvested within 50-55 days after casting last season’s antlers. If the velvet is left too long it becomes over-calcified which reduces its medicinal properties.

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